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Roller Press Gearbox

Roller Press Gearbox

Main Technical Parameters

Transmission Stage: 2 or 3, 1st stage, parallel gears (configured according to specific requirements) + 2nd stage, planetary gears + 3rd stage, planetary gears

Speed Ratio: max. iex = 125

Rated Output Torque: P = 200–3,200 kN.m

Details of Roller Press Gearbox


Crushing ore and cement at different stages of production processes in mining and cement industries.



Optimized meshing accuracy of gears with lower noise and higher efficiency

The housing and planetary carriers are analyzed and optimally designed by FEM,

ensuring smaller deformation and more stable operation

Guaranteed manufacturing quality and higher reliability, and space is saved owing to a compact drive device design

Providing overall sets of gearbox, torque reactive force arm system, coupler, and oil supply system

Convenient to install and detach owing to the special design and the shrink disc.

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