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Locomotive Gear

Locomotive Gear

Application in locomotive,railway industry
Surface Hardness: 58-63HRC
Precision: DIN 6
We can process according to your drawing or samples

Details of Locomotive Gear

For custom-designed gears, JZ DRIVE offers a full complementary range of services including design, metallurgical analysis, forging, heat treatment and gear hobbing, shaping, as well as gear grinding.

Main products includes Spur Gears, Gear Shaft, Helical Gear, herringbone Gear, Gear ring, planetary gear , worm gear ,  worm shaft, spiral bevel gear , girth gear etc.

Our heavy load precision gears have wide range of application in the oil & gas, Metallurgy, Mining, Port machinery, locomotive and Cement industry.


Process Range:


Grind Diameter: 200mm -4000mm

Precision: DIN 6 /  AGMA 14 /  ISO 5



1) OEM service with kinds of standards: DIN, AGMA, ISO etc.

2) Gear grinding machines: Germany NILES and HOFLER.

3) Quality control management and excellent engineers.

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