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Planetary Gearbox

Planetary Gearbox

Design Data

1) Ratio: 1.25~4000

2) Output torque: up to 2,600,000N.m

3) Motor power: 0.4~9551kW

4) Transmission stage: 2-3stage.

Details of Planetary Gearbox

The Industrial Planetary Gearboxes are widely applied in Wind Turbine , Excavator , Sugar Mill ,Offshore Platform industry


  • lighter weight and higher efficiency.
  • Using advanced FEM analysis body structure to improve the stiffness and strength
  • To optimize the design of the oil circulations extend the service life of gear and bearing.
  • Advanced gear grinding and modified profile, high loading support and more safe operation.
  • Fluorine rubber sealing with good anti-leakage performance
  • High efficiency and save power.
  • Save cost and low maintenance.


  • Housing materials are high strength grey cast iron, the modern design to keep low nosie and easy to dissipate heat
  • Gears, pinions are made of high grade alloy with carburize-harden technology. Hardness of teeth surface reaches 57–63 HRC, grinding precision reaching class 5–6
  • Shafts are made of alloy via heat treatment;
  • Standard accessories such as bearings and oil seals are provided by international famous brands;
  • Good assembly environment, standardized assembly technology, 100% strict quality assurance inspection and regular type test.


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